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  • Packaging – frustration-free wooden box
  • Material – environmentally friendly birch plywood
  • Started with a key
  • Rubber band engine
  • The operating time – 1 minute
  • There is a trigger lever;
  • Assembly – without glue
  • Number of the parts – 222
  • Assembly time – 7 hours
  • Recommended for age 14+
  • Secret coin box

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Mill 3D puzzle from Wooden.City is an impressive engineering project to complete. Assemble 222 parts into a working mechanism of rotating sails. The engine is powered by the rubber band extension and compression and interconnection of gears. The structure looks absolutely mesmerizing as the sails start to move and the gears start to rotate each other. This toy for teenagers is more than just fun. The puzzle is a great resource for STEM education.

The 3D kinetic Mill model is a beautiful gift for everyone who loves mechanics and engineering. The manufacturer recommends the toy for teenagers 14+. All adults who are in love with challenging puzzles will enjoy this construction set too. No doubt, it will set you in a nostalgic mood for the good old times when life was simple and happy in the countryside.

This mill may be the first and the last one that you will ever build in your life, so take pride in your creation! You should know that people built the first windmills as long as twelve centuries ago, in Persia. Since then the powerful potential of windmills was widely used in Asia and Europe. Farmers used mechanical power to grind grains to produce flour.

Windmill energy is 100% renewable and ecologically clean as is the material of the Mill puzzle from Wooden.City. Birch plywood is eco-friendly and nice to work with. This is an important factor when you choose presents for teenagers. In the era of plastic, the natural touch and smell of wood is a rare pleasure we can enjoy.

The Mill is a 3D puzzle of an advanced level of complexity. Another equally hard model to assemble is the Ferris Wheel. If you are looking for models of the country style, don’t miss the new asset of our collection the Tractor model.


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Weight1.09 kg
Dimensions35 × 24 × 4 cm


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    Ferris Wheel 3D puzzle set details:

    • Self-contained frustration-free packaging
    • Material – environmentally friendly birch plywood
    • Started with a key and trigger lever
    • Rotated by the power of rubber band engine
    • Operating time – 1 minute
    • Drawer and secret coin box
    • Assembly – without glue
    • Number of parts – 429
    • Spare parts – 39
    • Assembly time – approx. 8 hours
    • Recommended age 14+

    Ferris Wheel puzzle model has an interesting story behind its concept. So where does this curious name of the amusement ride come from? What is the meaning of Ferris wheel? In fact, there used to be prototypes of rotating wheels for entertainment in Turkey and England as long ago as in the 16th and 17th centuries. However, the revolving amusement ride as we know it today got its name from its inventor.

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