Wooden Mind Puzzles

Wooden Mind Puzzles

Wooden logic puzzles are great entertainment for teenagers and adults. They differ from other games as you can construct different buildings and devices in reduced size. The spectacular examples of such wooden puzzles brain teasers are Eiffel Tower, Tower of Pisa, aeroplanes, Roman chariots, London buses, etc. The main feature of these advanced 3d puzzle is the fact that every piece of it is true to life, it can move or rotate as real parts.

These 3d smart puzzles differ from  regular jigsaw puzzles we all got used to and resemble more a constructor than a puzzle. So, what kind and types of these modern toys are there?

Peculiarities and advantages of 3d puzzles

In the course of puzzle assembling children develop logic, analytic, spatial thinking, fine motor skills, concentration and perseverance.

3d puzzles varieties

Most 3d puzzles are produced of plastic, metal, cardboard and wood.

As a rule, plastic puzzles are manufactured from high quality safe materials as they are intended for children above 5 years. They can be non-transparent or crystalline, designed as clear details of different colours.

Metallic puzzles are models of aeroplanes, tanks and other vehicles up to space shuttles. Such constructors will be interested for men of any age.

Apart from these two kinds, 3d puzzles can be made of cardboard paper. Such model kits are comparatively cheaper but consequently they are less durable.

Wooden 3d models are practical and eco-friendly.  The number of pieces differs from 15 to 120. Woodencity offers a great variety of new 3d puzzles. You can buy true to life reduced models for yourself or your children. They are great idea for present on different occasions. Such wooden puzzles brain teasers are suitable for both children and adults. Children can assemble these models and play with them as every part of it moves and rotates and is driven into motion with rubber band engine, adults in turn can collect such 3d puzzles as a hobby buying new models and assembling them.

What you get ordering WoodenCity 3d models? It is a wooden box with several plywood panels with precut pieces. The number of pieces can vary from 54 to 72 parts. The set also includes visual guide with step-by-step instruction. It may seem difficult to construct a mechanism from this pile of pieces. In reality, it is an absorbing process that takes time and concentration. So your child may need help or he or she will be frustrated by the assembling process. Working together unites family as you share your child’s interest and take part in his or her hobby. It can be a hobby for adults as such mechanisms look well in the most sophisticated collectors.

To conclude, 3d puzzles can be different in complexity. Having made the right choice you will meet the needs of children and adults and present a perfect gift with medium complexity level for young children. Adults will sure to enjoy intricate puzzle kits with a great number of pieces.

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