Gifts for Girl Teenagers

It is time before New Year, the period when everyone traditionally expects wonders and gifts. The market fever is in full swing. Christmas shopping is a crazy thing for everyone who wants to indulge their nearest and dearest to something special. You want to buy memorable and meaningful presents, not ordinary Christmas postcards and fridge magnets.

If you have a teenage girl who is waiting for a present from you, you must be puzzling over what would be the best Christmas gifts for girl teenagers. Girls are always difficult to please. Forget about cosmetics and perfumery as girls, like all women, prefer choosing those for themselves.

Today, handmade art is a popular trend among teenagers all over the world. Wooden.City presents a wide range of wooden models that can be of interest to even most sophisticated personalities. These are wooden constructors operated by with open mechanisms of connected gears and rubber band engines. Do you remember how younger girls liked playing with jigsaw puzzles? Well, 3D models are like an upgrade of these two-dimensional brain teasers. 3d puzzles can serve both as a decoration and a toy. For all their cool features, they are definitely worth the title of cool Christmas gifts for girl teenagers.

Wooden.City produces environmentally-friendly birch plywood 3d puzzles. Assembly is glue-free and does not require sawing or cutting. These 3d models are packed into trendy frustration-free wooden boxes. The kit includes precut wooden panels with part, plus spare parts for emergency occasions. The step-by-step instruction makes the assembly process clear and simple.

It takes 2-8 hours to assemble a model, depending on the model complexity. It is an absorbing process that sometimes requires the help of an adult. A great pastime for the whole family, assembling process develops a lot of useful skills such as fine motor skills and spatial thinking. Besides, these products are cool gifts for girls teenagers as they have a secret box for jewelry and a coin box. And have you ever met a girl who doesn’t love secret boxes?
Your teeanger doesn’t need to become a pilot or a technician in the future but she is sure to love one of these models:

1. Kinetic Picture

It is a complex puzzle that requires 6 hours to assemble. It is started with a key and operates for one minute. The rotating parts create a dynamic visual picture, or a truly fascinating optical illusion. It just cannot leave anyone indifferent!

2. Mill

Matched only by lighthouses, mills are very powerful iconic symbols. When assembled, Wooden.City Mill will rotate its sail-arms just like a real one. Besides, it has a secret coin box for nifty spenders. Isn’t it a great idea for gifts for girl teenagers?

3. Ferris Wheel

Nowadays, several countries compete for the pride of having the highest Ferris Wheel in the world. No need to fight for mega sizes! Sometimes, size does not matter. Let your girl assemble a mini Ferris Wheel of her own and be proud of her achievement.

4. World Map

If your princess loves geography, travelling and puzzles, there are three sizes of World Map to choose from. This stylish wooden decoration is a real find for any teenager’s room.

All in all, whoever you are going to buy the present Wooden.City 3d plywood models for, even most demanding personalities will love them. Assemble one 3d kinetic puzzle and you will definitely like to add more to your collection. Girls of all ages will enjoy painting models in different colours or boast of their achievement to their friends. These models will look so cool on their Instagram!

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