Engineering Toys for Teenagers

Most teenagers don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore. Unfortunately, they have no illusions as to who brings their expensive Chrissy gifts. Most parents succumb to buying modern gadgets as presents, being short in time for a more considerate shopping and under the pressure of dominating trends. Well, we think that standard gadgets are not the best solutions for Christmas presents. Even our pragmatic teens expect some magic and merry time in the holiday season. That’s where engineering toys for teens come to play, combining construction and play in one box.

There are a lot of toys of this kind in the market. Yet, we bet you would like to have something truly special, safe and environmentally-friendly. Wooden constructors correspond to these criteria. Made of aromatic plywood that is so pleasant to smell and touch, these toys will carry your teens back to childhood play and help them grow up at the same time.

Wooden.City company presents a product range of models that will meet all teens’ expectations. Our various kinetic models are suitable both for adults and children. They fit for both boy and girl teenagers.

Kinetic picture

This finely carved 3d model has gears that drive the picture into motion. It is started with a key and it operates for one minute. Its rotating movement creates a fascinating effect. Your children can invite friends and play with it together. And you can help to assemble the kinetic model and spend a great time all together.


Ever wondered what it feels like to be the author of a break-through invention? Can you imagine how excited the Wright brothers were when their first aerocraft arrowed upward and flew for several hundred meters? Since then, planes have brought tremendous changes to our everyday life and they have evolved themselves dramatically. But still some old-timers can float into the sky. This 63 parts biplane will surge nostalgia of the invention age. Your child can be a co-constructor or assemble a plane of their own. The biplane moves for two meters in the chosen direction.

Roman chariot

In the ancient times chariots were extremely important in battlefields. The army that had chariots in its arsenal almost always secured a victory. In the Ancient Middle East and the Mediterranean chariots were used up until 500 BC. We could probably compare ancient chariots to such important military vehicles as tanks nowadays. They had to disorganize the enemy ranks. The chariot was driven by a charioteer or an archer. Having entered the mass of the hostile army, they destroyed or disrupted the enemy defenses from within. Now your teenager can assemble a copy of this antique military vehicle. They can organize races and play in ancient battles.

Ferris Wheel

It is an advanced level engineering toy for teenagers. Named after its inventor George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., the first observation wheel, as we know it today, was invented in the 19th century. A giant wheel has a big wheel with cabins or gondolas that rotate around its axis. This is a well-known fair and luna park entertainment. With the course of time the height of Ferris Wheels doubled from original Ferris Wheel height of 80.4 meters to 167.6 metres of the High Roller, in Las Vegas. Your young engineer can proud of herself/himself when they finish this outstanding project! Besides, the model has a secret box to keep coins and a jewelry box, so the Ferris Wheel will definitely finds its proper place in the house.

Do not deny your teens and yourself the joy of assembling these wonderful 3d models. Create, collect and entertain with Wooden.City kinetic models in the company of all your family!

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