Wooden Kinetic Models and 3d Puzzles

The concept of wooden models

We sell wooden kinetic model building kits for adults and children aged 14+ that guarantee many hours dedicated to yourself, your interests, your passions, and your hobby.

Today, modelling is gaining more and more popularity in the world. There are specialized shops where you can buy hundreds of wooden boat, car and plane model kits that are assembled with glue and then painted. Wooden.City brand offers something new. The core of the idea is modeling, of course, but the realization is quite different. The main idea is to assemble working mechanisms with original geared engines. Our wooden model kits do not require glue to be built. They don’t need to be painted but we leave this to your choice. You can leave them as they are – preserving the natural color and touch of wood in your hands, or you can unleash your imagination and color them in whatever hue and design.

The wooden model The London Bus that you have built will run for 1 meter in two speeds and in two directions. The Ferris Wheel model will operate for about 1 minute like a small copy of the favorite amusement park attraction. The Chariots will demonstrate the principle of wheel construction and simple mechanisms of rubber-banded engines. The Biplane is a smart model that demonstrates the power of propeller in the first aircrafts.

Our customers

Wooden construction kits for adults are different from those that are meant for children. The process of assembling our models requires more refined fine motor skills, more persistence, accuracy, and effort to produce a working kinetic geared model. The manufacturer suggests the age group 14+, but in our own experience, some children at the age of 11 were capable of assembling Biplane and Chariot models with excitement and simple guidance from adults.

You don’t have to be an engineer to build any of Wooden.City models! But you can discover the creative power within you and excitement of achievement when the model that you have assembled performs what it is meant to perform. You will enjoy the process of completing a working mechanism from a pile of parts that look like an odd puzzle. And when each part will find its proper place in a mechanical organism that will come to life in your hands – you will be absolutely thrilled! Grow your confidence in completing these challenging puzzles from the easiest level of difficulty with Biplane model to the most sophisticated Ferris Wheel made of 429 parts!

Our store

Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of making wooden models! Our store is the official representative of the Wooden.City brand in Australia and New Zealand. We offer all models at very attractive prices. Moreover, when you make purchases for $100 at, you will have free postage of your order! We guarantee to process your order on the same or the next day in order to make sure that the delivery will come to you in the shortest possible time!

Keep an eye on our site, for new models are about to come!