Gifts for Boy Teenagers

Gifts for Boy Teenagers

Festive lights are already sparkling all around the country. It is high time that you think about what to give to everyone you want to make happy this holiday season. One of the most challenging tasks is to come up with good gift ideas for teenagers boys. Teenagers’ tastes and preferences are so unpredictable and changing that you can hardly keep up with the trend to meet your teen’s desires.

So, what is the perfect gift for a teenager? There’s no double it should be something intricate with a hint of magic. To be on the safe side, it must be classy, something that is never out of fashion. A gift that will stand out as well. A teenager is an interim between the childhood and adulthood. Ordinary toys don’t attract them anymore. Teenagers have to assert themselves as grown-ups. You might want to look for the golden mean as a gift.

Australian company Dalex Trading presents a European brand Wooden.City with their extensive product line of wooden 3d puzzles and models for teenagers and adults. Anything from this range is a great pick for Christmas gifts for teenagers boys.

When you choose a 3d wooden model, metaphorically speaking, you kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you get a toy to play. On the other hand, you give your teen a chance to assemble a working mechanism, something to be proud of as an engineering achievement. The assembly process is absorbing and interesting. Wooden.City constructors are quite diverse and any teenager can find a 3d model to his or her liking.

So what are the models to choose from?

Consider any of the models if the product range:

  1. Chariot da Vinci model will be make happy those kin on martial arts and history. Da Vinci chariot is a copy of a mechanism designed by the immortal Leonardo. It has got rotating scythes that were supposed to be a deadly weapon in a battle. Despite the fact that the model remained ink on paper, it is an interesting example of the military engineering design.
  2. Biplane is a Wooden.City bestseller. These small airplanes are great gifts for teenagers boys. The model is perfect as a beginner level project for budding engineers. The assembly is not too complicated but the result will never disappoint you. After each part finds its proper place in the mechanism, your new plane is ready to wind up its propeller and start off. Let this biplane be your teen’s first step in realizing his or her dream of conquering the sky!
  3. London Bus. There’s no need to introduce the famous double-decker, one of British icons. A intriguing combination of wooden gears makes it move in two directions and at two speeds!. Your kid can paint it red to make it look even more like the real London bus.
  4. 4×4 model is a quite challenging assembly project for an experienced DIY-fan. Maybe, this will bring an adult assistant to the game. What a great opportunity to spend more time with your ever-fleeting teenager! Boys will always be boys and cars are their natural passion from the age of 0 to like forever!
  5. World Maps puzzles are available in three sizes. Not only do they make cool christmas gifts for teenagers boys, but also they will stay as original decorations on the walls of teenagers’ caves. Indeed, map puzzles are both fun and encouragement for learning more about the Earth and geography.

Wooden.City products promote creative spirit and bring back the forgotten joy of making things with your own hands. Choose any of these as a gift for boy teenagers and be assured that your young DYI enthusiast will be thankful for such an original present. Assembling 3d models can become a new exciting hobby.


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