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Material – environmentally friendly birch plywood

Assembly – without glue

Number of parts – 165

Assembly time – 4 hours

Recommended age 14+

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We created Mystery Box Puzzle for you to store some lovely memorable treasures. This hand-made treasure box cannot leave anyone indifferent. So, there’s a mystery to be solved, a puzzle to be assembled and some good memories to be kept in a unique place.

The mystery of the Box

The Legend about the Fifth Element inspired our engineers to build Mystery Box Puzzle, this stunning piece of engineering art. They created a marvelous box with intricate decorations to store your small secrets. So, there are four elements: mind, body, sight, and hearing. And the fifth element is love, which opens any locks. Naturally, it is not at all easy to solve the mystery of your box. The person who receives it will have to think before being able to open its wooden lid embossed with magical patterns. It’s an unusual gift for those who love beauty and surprises. Apparently, it is designed to win over someone’s heart!

The model consists of 165 parts. They assemble into one ingenious mechanism without glue. You will need to make a special key to lock and unlock the box. This artistic embodiment of engineering genius is a very important part of the puzzle. Then, with a secret move along the contours of the lid, you slide the internal parts to transform the box into an enclosed mystery. All in all, Mystery Box puzzle is an original gift for all DIY enthusiasts.

Furthermore, there are other Wooden.City models that contain some hidden drawers and coin boxes. For example, Mill and Ferris Wheel can be a rare find as gifts for people who like solving puzzles and exploring secrets.

To learn more about Wooden.City 3D models, check out our Facebook page. Learn more about original 3D kinetic puzzles and how they can ignite a passion for engineering.

Enjoy Wooden.City experience!



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