3d Wooden Puzzles

3d wooden puzzles

As children grow and develop, organization of their leisure time becomes another major challenge for parents. Many parents confirm that you can find no better helper as wooden toy puzzles for your children. Of all the ever-growing variety of children’s toys, there are only few types that have proven to be classic hits. One of them is wooden puzzles that justly enjoy a great popularity for more than a century and are never out of fashion. Wood is a natural material that will not harm your child. It  is nice to touch and smell, which contributes to the development of natural tactile perception in children. If you choose the level of complexity and theme for your kids correctly, then puzzles will surely become some of the best-loved toys for them.

Variety of classic wooden puzzles for children

The range of colourful mosaics is truly vast. Puzzles can be made of cardboard, rubber, plastic and wood. Besides, they differ in the number of elements. Both kids and adults enjoy playing with small wooden puzzles because they are challenging, amusing and safe. Wooden puzzles are the best option for the youngest children who only start learning the principles of this engaging type of play.

Multiple shape puzzles



This marvelous invention belongs to the profound heritage of the great educator and humanitarian Maria Montessori. She introduced wooden puzzles in the educational environment for children. Puzzles in the Montessori class differ by the principle of assembling and themes. They can include frames with geometrical forms, animals, fruits and vegetables, numbers and letters. The task is to place each element in the right frame. Another variety of such puzzles has small handles or clinches for children to hold them and develop fine motor skills. One more type of puzzle resembles a fishing-rod with a magnet on its end that will help your child to pick and place all pieces in their places.

Puzzles with different pictures

This type of puzzles also differs in complexity and principle of assembling. Youngest kids begin with simple pictures that consist of 4-6 details. Children from the age of three can assemble puzzles consisting of 30 and more pieces. As a rule, they assemble wooden mosaics on a framed board with a slightly drawn picture as a hint. Elder children can perfectly do without this type of hint.

Wooden 3d puzzles

If you decide to choose wooden 3D puzzles, it gives you a perfect opportunity to enliven your family entertainment. You and your children can assemble 3d puzzles wooden models into kinetic mechanisms and then paint them. However, children under 11 years of age will hardly be able to complete such projects by themselves. For this reason, children will definately need help of parents. They will need some guidance, support and advice in how to make wooden puzzles.

Wooden.City produces the best 3d puzzles for children from the age of 12 years. Our original 3d puzzles wooden models come in a large assortment suited for many tastes. Unlike wooden floor puzzles, these 3d models are engine driven mechanisms looking like scaled copies of real devices and cars. Making wooden puzzles is fun and a way of relaxation. Moreover, this activity develops fine motor skills and contributes to the development of creative thinking. Wooden.City 3d puzzles wooden models make memorable gifts and can be collected as a hobby.

To sum up, puzzles are a wonderful way of pastime. Assembling puzzles is an absorbing activity that develops a great variety of skills. Puzzles are a must-have in any family with children.

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