Children Puzzles

Children Puzzles

Games are vital for children’s development. Different toys build on such significant qualities as creativity, discipline, logic thinking and persistence.

Playing games and toys children simulate real-life situations and copy adult behaviour. Good toys help to develop intelligence and fine motor skills. That is why kids always have a great deal of diverse toys. However,it is up to parents and caregivers to choose the best suitable and appropriate toys to inspire interest in different activities. The most important features of modern toys are usability, safety and more recently recyclability.

Kids’ wooden puzzles are a great idea for a gift. Wooden.City presents non-toxic environmentally friendly wooden toys for teenagers and adults.

Unlike baby wooden puzzles these 3D models are intended for children 12-14 years old and over. Wooden kids puzzles are made in Poland from birch plywood and are quite challenging to assemble. No wonder wooden puzzles for children spark interest in adults as well. Our models are scaled-down copies of real devices and mechanisms. Thus, Wooden.City offers kinetic 3D models of a biplane, two chariots, London bus, Ferris Wheel, where each part must take its right place to make the model move and rotate by gears driven by rubber band engines.

Wooden puzzles for kids are absorbing pastime when you spend 2-3 and even more hours to complete an engineering project and then enjoy playing with your newly build mechanism. You will get your model in a wooden frustrationg-free box with plywood panels with precut-out parts.

The assembling process is easy to follow as there is an intuitive visual step-by-step instruction. Though 3D childrens wooden puzzles seem fragile they are solid enough.

Wooden.City kinetic wooden puzzles for children are not like baby jigsaw puzzles that consist of 4-10 parts. Ours are true engineering projects. All wooden parts look like real, you can literally construct your own devices and mechanisms. All our models are unique in their design and construction, and equipped with a mechanical motor that sets them into motion.

So what is the assembling process like? You open the wooden box and take out plywood panels with precut parts. With the help of a visual manual you can assembly 3D wooden model with clear and accurate instructions. All kits also contain some spare parts for emergency cases. Of course adult assistance will be of great importance. Wooden puzzles for children are interesting not only for kids. The assembling process will definitely involve parents, so that all the family can spend more time together.

Childrens’ wooden puzzles will bring a lot of joy and excitement to your offsprings. Later on, teeanagers will be able to assemble such wooden 3D models on their own. They can be so involved in the process that you will probably have to buy new puzzles again and again (Which is not a problem as Wooden.City is bringing new models to Oz and NZ very soon!).

Assembling 3D kinetic models is a great idea for a hobby. Collecting wooden models can be a new passion for both children and adults. Who said that puzzles are for children only?

Playing with wooden glue-free toys will ensure that your children will have no allergic reactions. Buying wooden puzzles for your children will make you sure that your children develop, learn without health hazards.
Wooden.City sells children’s wooden puzzles in Australia and New Zealand. Our puzzles are of high quality that is available and accessible to every creative person.

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