3D Wooden Mechanical Models and Puzzles


Manufacture of 3D wooden puzzles and models

Wooden.City is one of only few companies in the world that manufactures 3D kinetic wooden puzzles with geared engines for self-assembly. The company is based in Wroclaw, Poland. All Wooden.City 3D models are manufactured on a modern automated laser-cutting equipment. This guarantees top quality of each part in every model.

A team of engineers from Ukraine and Poland share the passion for invention and challenges. They work virtually day and night to produce 3D puzzles and models. These products create a WOW effect on everyone who sees them for the first time. No wonder, the idea behind Wooden.City models is that you can assemble a real working kinetic mechanism implementing the laws of physics and mechanics. Moreover, the models are stylish, eco-friendly and long-lasting.

The process of manufacture of a new model takes 4-5 months. Starting from the moment of conceiving an idea to thorough planning, prototype design, drawing, prototype making, testing, corrections and testing again. Since every stage of this process is very important, there is no time to be wasted! uses eco-friendly birch plywood in their kits. This material is light and strong at the same time. They make plywood of press-glued layers of wood. Manufacturer aligns each layer so that the direction of its grains is vertical to the grain direction of adjacent layers. Hence, this technique ensures more strength and flexibility of the plywood material compared to wood. Although, the first plywood was invented in England in the late 18th century, it took another century for the material to find its proper place in manufacture.

3d wooden puzzle kits

So, what’s in the box? Let’s start with the box itself. Not a box actually! It’s noteworthy that the packaging of the puzzles 3D is a contemporary frustration-free style. Four plywood panels form a base for storage of everything in the kit. The set of plywood panels with pre-cut parts looks like 3D wooden puzzles or even brain teasers. Yet, don’t let the number of parts deter you from completing any of Wooden.City challenges. Each 3D wooden puzzle has a solution, and this solution is included in the set:

  1. high-quality plywood panels with numbered parts and a set of spare parts for “emergency” cases;
  2. a totally comprehensive manual with visual instructions for assembly will guide you in the step-by-step process of creation;
  3. wooden sticks needed for construction;
  4. high-quality rubber bands for the engines;
  5. and glue? What glue? No glue is needed for the assembly of our kinetic wooden 3d puzzles! The parts are connected by precise fitting and exact calculation of how laws of mechanics work.

So, whether it is the basic Biplane model with 63 parts to assemble or the most complex Ferris Wheel model with 429 parts – you should not be intimidated by the challenge! The manuals are easy to follow and you can always refer to examples in the videos in Wooden.City social media pages, like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, should you have any questions or remarks, you are more welcome to ask our engineers for assistance.

3d wooden puzzles for adults and teenagers

More and more people are fascinated by the process of assembly of kinetic 3d puzzles in Australia. The vast majority of 3d puzzles online are aimed at younger kids. However, Wooden.City offers a series of models of kinetic 3D wooden puzzles of various levels of complexity for teenagers and those adults who have not lost that spark of engineering creativity. All Wooden.City models have sturdy engines powered by intricate mechanisms with gears and rubber bands. The engine of London Bus model, for instance, is the most powerful of its kind present in the market today.

We know how hard it is to find an appropriate and meaningful present for teenagers and young men! Yet, we can guarantee that any of Wooden.City models can satisfy even most demanding customers and be a great gift for those who are interested in DIY projects, modelling, engineering and puzzles. The process of assembling requires patience, teaches discipline, trains for attention to detail, shows mechanics in action, and sparks interest in engineering and history. The touch and smell of the natural material add so much to the overall positive experience with this brand. And all this in one set!

Where to buy 3d models is the official site of the exclusive distributor of Wooden.City brand in Australia and New Zealand. In this online store, we offer all Wooden.City models for the best price and with the fastest delivery within Oz and across the Tasman Sea. Most 3D wooden puzzles instructions are available online for your convenience.

The market for wooden puzzles in Australia is still growing. Eventually, little by little people find out that they can get such amazing presents for their friends, teenager kids, parents, siblings and themselves. These are gifts of quality time on your hobby, meditative process of creation, communication with your partner or friend. And as a result of your work – get a memorable and meaningful interior decoration!

Start you Wooden.City experience today with any of the available models! You will definitely want to try all of them! Don’t forget to share your impressions with friends. Our team is working hard to satisfy your interest and demand in new models. New kinetic 3D puzzles are coming to Australia and New Zealand soon! The fun must go on!

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