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Men have been dreaming of flying since immemorial times. Thousands of years have passed from the time when legendary Icarus flew to the Sun on waxed wings invented by his father Daedalus to the first real flight. Another 120 years passed before the flight on an aircraft. It is well-known that on 17 December 1903 the Wright brothers performed the first registered flight on an aeroplane. Orville and Wilbur Wright were renowned aviators, inventors, and aviation pioneers. It must be said that construction-wise the first plane was a biplane, that is it had two wings one above the other. Nowadays, the most typical type of planes is a monoplane that is a plane with one pair of wings. Back in 1940s the most common type of planes was a biplane (or a triplane in some cases). Constructing airplanes was a great challenge in those times. Planes flew on short distances and were made mostly of wood and leather or cloth of dense texture.

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A great deal has changed since those times. Aircrafts has dramatically improved their weight-lifting ability and can now transport more people and cargo. Airplanes have become common in our everyday life. They float in the sky and still make us wonder. When we were kids it seemed to us we could do everything. How great it would feel being a creator of some great device! Wooden.City gives the opportunity to be a construtor of an aircraft. Like William Edward Boeing who dreamt of creating planes and realized his dreams, you can now assemble a small plane of your own.

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Wooden.City presents biplane model for constructing your first own plane. Biplane model kits are packed in original wooden boxes. The boxes contain 63 parts pre-cut from high-quality plywood panel, rubber bands, wooden sticks and the assembly manual. You can build your self-propelled vintage biplane toy in 100 minutes! Wooden biplane model is intended for adults and teenagers aged 14 and older. Wooden.City puzzles are easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions. All you may need is some sandpaper or a penknife to polish the sides, and a candle to wax the details that will rub and rotate.

To start your new wooden biplane model just wind up the wheels or the propeller. The movement distance is about two meters. The small biplane model will rotate its propeller and wheels while it moves. The biplane model is driven by the self-propelled rubber band engine. The construction seems to be delicate but the original wooden biplane model is solid and sturdy, so no worries when you give it for play to young kids. To see the biplane puzzle in motion – just wind up the propeller, fix the start lever, put the biplane on a flat surface and pull the start lever back. The wooden biplane model will move accelerating rapidly. Model biplane kits are frustration-free packed and glue-free assembled. The panels with precut-out parts are made of 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly birch plywood.

Assembling Wooden.City models makes great pastime for any creative person. The assembly process is absorbing and develops engineering competence, spatial thinking, perseverance and patience. You will enjoy assembling this 3D kinetic model with your children or friends. Wooden biplane model from Wooden.City will be a great addition to your collection of eco-friendly kinetic toys.



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