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It’s amazing how the design of a public city transport can become the icon of the whole capital city. London bus. The famous double-decker. The Routemaster, as Londoners know it. The bus of the peculiar bold red color will take you sightseeing, being the city attraction in itself. This is the concept behind the Wooden.City London Bus puzzle.

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London Bus is a classic mechanical puzzle 3D model from Wooden.City.

The capital of England saw its first public transport back in 1829. The grandfather of the bus – the omnibus – was operated by three horses and could carry up to 22 passengers. It was introduced as an option to hackney carriages, for the first time on one route only and with only four daily services. Since 1855 there were well organized horse-ridden omnibus services all around London. The first motor omnibuses replaced the horse-driven ones in 1904. And the iconic AEC Routemaster, as we all know it, saw the world in 1956.


The XXI century started and the world needed new heroes of new times. Londoners insisted on the re-creation of the good old Routemaster. Yet, they demanded an updated design and modernized technology inside. So, the NB4L (New Bus for London) ran its first service in February 2012. The locals call it simply Boris Bus after the city major who patronized the project of the creation of the new century double-decker.

Boris buses have air-conditioners and GPS trackers for passengers’ convenience. They are ecologically friendly, with hybrid diesel-electric engine emissions of carbon dioxide twice as less than those of a regular bus.

Wooden.City company paid its tribute to the iconic bus. We created our own interpretation of a double-decker – a 3D mechanical puzzle for self-assembly. London Bus model kit is also eco-friendly as it is produced from 100% recyclable plywood. The combination of smell and touch of wood inspires for a quality hobby time, meditative process of making something memorable and valuable.


Today, it will cost you 2.40 pounds (equivalent to AUD 4.11) in cash to buy one ticket for a ride on a London bus. Or you could buy a Wooden.City 3D mechanical puzzle kit and build your own London bus and operate it indefinitely.

You don’t need to obtain a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence to drive the new London bus model that you will assemble from the set of 216 pre-cutout parts. However, you will need some patience and sparkle of engineering inspiration. According to the manufacturer, it will take you about 6 hours to complete this project of London bus model assembly. And then simply turn the key and let your bus go in the chosen direction! The original engine operates by gears with a rubber band. It will run your bus for up to 2 meters in either direction: forward or backward. Moreover, the unique gearbox allows operating the bus in two speeds! Your bus will never be late on the schedule!

Although, the double-decker is not necessarily the fastest public transport in London, yet the most charismatic, for sure. Get one of Wooden.City London bus models for sale on our site. Don’t miss your chance to create something so iconic and so innovative at the same time!

So, if you want to build more real-to-life vehicles, have a look at our other 3D kinetic puzzles: Tractor and 4×4. Besides, if you need a small project with a twist of engineering, try to assemble a V8 Engine.

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