V8 Engine


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Material – environmentally friendly birch plywood
Assembly – without glue
Number of parts – 177
Assembly time – 2 hours
Recommended for age 14+

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Wooden.City successfully launched V8 Engine 3D mechanical model at Kickstarter in May 2018. It is now available in Australia with FREE shipping. In short, it makes an ideal present for teenagers who are passionate about cars. And definitely for their parents who haven’t lost interest in making amazing things with their own hands! Don’t hesitate to try completing this challenge of a moderate level of difficulty. Complete the puzzle and feel pride for being able to create your own V8 engine!

A short overview of V8 engines

V8 Engine puzzle is a true-to-life model of an eight-cylinder V-configuration engine. In the assembled model you can see all eight pistons moving up and down. If you are interested in how this type of engines work we recommend to see a short yet very informative Youtube video explaining the mechanics behind this ingenious invention.

Although initially, engineers developed this type of engine for aviation construction, the automotive industry benefited most from the powers of Leon Levavasseur’s invention in 1902. Nowadays, most racing cars are equipped with V8 engines. Besides, SUVs and large industrial truck often carry one of those in their mechanical bodies. Interestingly, the first V8 Engine had a female name Antoinette in honor of the daughter of Levavasseur’s financial sponsor.

V8 Engine Puzzle by Wooden.City

So, there are 177 parts in this 3D puzzle. Firstly, remember that you don’t need glue for assembling any of Wooden.City mechanical models. Secondly, everything you need to assemble the model is inside the box. Lastly, the instructions are highly visual and provide clear step-by-step instructions on how to complete the project. The manufacturer advises that it takes about 2 hours to assemble this particular 3D model. However, it greatly depends on your level of being handy. Challenge accepted!

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