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???? mechanism imitates the work of a bank safe

???? the code is a combination of three digits

???? the numerical value of the code can be changed at any time

???? a secret function can open the safe if the code is lost

???? number of parts: 202

???? size of assembled model 150 x 150 x 150 mm

???? assembly time: 240 min

???? made in EU

???? no glue is needed for assembly


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Safe and Sound Safe

Mechanical 3D puzzle Safe model by Wooden.City has just arrived in Australia. A brand new brain-twister for the passionate engineers and professional and amateur “safe geeks”.

The mechanism imitates the work of a bank safe with a mechanical lock with a code combination of three digits. You can change the numerical value of the code at any time. In case you forgot your code, you can use the secret function to open the safe (this method is described in the instructions).

The assembled safe model has a handle for easy transportation. Inside the safe, there is a shelf for sorting and storing your small but precious valuables.

Wooden mechanical World Safe puzzle attracts attention and makes a great gift for any occasion.

Curious about safes?

Did you know that the most expensive and extravagant safe model was designed by Karl Lagerfeld? Its name Narcissus is probably after the self-admiring character of Greek mythology. It weighs 800 kg and is 1.80 m high and 1.0 m wide. If you have never seen that safe, you can still imagine it must be a piece of extravaganza in luxurious style. And you will not be mistaken!

Throughout the history, people invested ingenuity to create ways to save their precious belongings, dangerous objects and important documents. The oldest example of a lockable box was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Rameses II, dating back to 13th Century BC. It had movable pins that fell into the holes and locked the device. However, the prototype of a burglar-resistant safe as we know it today was made by two English engineers back in 1835!

Safe puzzle by Wooden.City can boast of impressively detailed design and a realistic digital lock. It might not be suitable to store your Power Ball jackpot. Yet, it is spacious enough to keep your small memorable things away from idle eyes of visitors.

This model is a good companion for anyone mastering technical skills of mechanical puzzle assembly. Furthermore, if you are passionate about solving puzzles and cracking codes, also consider the Mystery Box model at Wooden.City online shop. Get some inspiration for brain-twisters with this collection of Numbers Puzzles.

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Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions255 × 158 × 180 cm


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